Services P&I Surveys

Protection and indemnity insurance, commonly known as P&I, is a form of marine insurance provided by a P&I Club. A P&I Club is a mutual insurance association that provides cover for their members. Various claims may arise from different parties.

The scope of our services encompasses the following:

  • P&I entry / annual condition surveys
  • Bunker quality / quantity claims
  • Occupational accidents
  • Collisions with other ships or fixed / floating installations
  • All kinds of MARPOL violations, such as oil spills
  • Contaminations of liquid cargoes (‘off-spec’)
  • Quantity differences
  • Cargo contamination with sea- or ballast/ bilge water
  • Cargo contamination with oil from ship’s hydraulic system
  • Cargo contamination with other cargoes on board
  • Cargo contamination with previous cargoes
  • Blocking of cargo due to wrong carrying temperature
  • Wetting damage due to ingress of water/ non-weathertight hatch covers